For Our Guests

Thanks to our prime location, we can offer our guests not only convenient accommodation but also memorable services at reasonable rates or absolutely free.

Ice Fishing

Winter fishing gear rental: 20 euros per set, or you can also go fishing with our experienced guide who will help choose the best spots and organize a picnic. The cost of fishing with a guide is 40 euros per person, with a minimum group size of 4 people.

Hot Tub

The hot tub can be rented both during the day and in the evening, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent view of the starry sky without leaving the water. The rental cost is 200 euros for two people for 2.5 hours, with a fee of 50 euros for each additional guest.

Rent Equipment

Snowshoes: 20 euros / 1 day
Ski rental: 20 euros / 1 day


Personal Finnish sauna in every room, free of charge!


Airport ←→ Vekarit: 25e-30e
Vekarit ←→ Santa Claus Village: 25e-30e
Vekarit ←→ City Centre: 15e-20e


We invite you to enjoy lunch or dinner in the cozy courtyard with a grill, where we are also happy to provide tips on how to prepare Lapland dishes. Charcoal for the grill can be purchased from us.

Nature, city, and attractions

• 4 kilometers to the main square of the city
• 8 kilometers to Santa Claus Village and Santa Park

Only 50 meters to the dense Lapland forest, the banks of the rivers Takapudas and Ounasjoki, ski trails, and much more!