Top Lapland 5 Dishes to Sizzle on Our Backyard BBQ!

Top Lapland 5 Dishes to Sizzle on Our Backyard BBQ!

Top Lapland 5 Dishes to Sizzle on Our Backyard BBQ!

Greetings, grill enthusiasts and Lapland lovers! If you're staying at our aparthotel and eyeing that backyard grill, get ready for a culinary adventure. Here are the top 5 Lapland dishes you can master on our sizzling grill – and yes, we're bringing in the Lapland flavors with salmon, reindeer sausages, lohikeitto (salmon soup), and a heavenly chocolate-infused banana dessert.

1. Lapland Grilled Salmon Delight:

Start your BBQ feast with a classic Lapland twist on grilled salmon. Marinate your fresh salmon fillets with a mix of olive oil, dill, lemon, and a pinch of Lapland magic (maybe a touch of juniper berries). Grill to perfection until the salmon flakes easily. The result? A taste of Lapland's pristine waters on your plate.

2. Reindeer Sausage Extravaganza:

Embrace the Lapland wilderness with reindeer sausages, easily found at K Citymarket, one of the biggest grocery stores in Lapland, conveniently located within walking distance from our aparthotel. Grill them up until they're beautifully browned, and serve with a dollop of lingonberry sauce. It's a taste of Lapland's rugged charm right on your plate.

3. Lohikeitto Over Flames:

Turn the traditional lohikeitto into a smoky sensation on the grill. Prepare the soup base with potatoes, leeks, carrots, and of course, salmon chunks. Let it simmer away on the grill, infusing that woodsy flavor into every spoonful. Don't forget a dash of cream and fresh dill to finish off this Lapland classic with a twist.

4. Chocolate-Infused Banana Bliss:

For a sweet treat, try our Lapland-inspired dessert. Take ripe bananas, slice them open, and stuff them with chunks of the iconic Finnish chocolate, Fazer Blue, available at K Citymarket. Wrap them in foil and let them melt into gooey goodness on the grill. When you unwrap these banana delights, you'll discover a decadent blend of chocolate and fruit – a perfect way to end your Lapland BBQ feast.

5. Bonus: Forest Berry Grilled Pancakes:

If you're feeling extra adventurous, whip up some pancake batter and throw in a handful of Lapland's forest berries – think bilberries or cloudberries. Spoon the batter onto the grill and watch these pancakes turn golden brown with a burst of forest flavor.

And here's the cherry on top: our backyard grill is free for anyone and can accommodate a big group of people to enjoy together. Fire up that grill, soak in the Lapland vibes, and savor the delicious flavors of the north. Happy grilling! 🌲🔥🍽️

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